Evelyn Prado

Hello, I’m Evelyn, energetic and adaptable Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for emerging technology and a proven track record of success in various sectors, including B2B and B2C.

Skilled in data analysis, user experience design, digital marketing strategy, and content creation. Actively seeking new opportunities to leverage my skills and expertise in the dynamic landscape of emerging technology.

In my free time I enjoy acquiring new knowledge about the technological world and developing my creativity in different activities such as painting with watercolors or making 2D drawings with procreate.

Why Choose Me


Adaptability and Continuous Learning


Data Analysis and Informed Decision-Making


More than 5 years of experience in many different sectors and different countries


Communication and Collaboration Skills. Collaboration among various teams, such as design, development, and marketing


Check out some projects I did to get an idea of my experience.

+353 83 207 4635

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